office partition

3 Tips To Make Office Partitioning Easy

So you’ve set up a new office or revamped your old one – now, how do you budget your space? While a large, open-space office is good for many working environments, there are times when you may need a more closed-off, private working space. Partitioning your office is one of the best ways to maximise […]

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Modular Furniture: Adapting To Your Needs

Most of the things we use around the office need to be adapted to the demands of the times, and our furniture is no exception. Aside from having to be sturdily built, easy to maintain, and cost-effective in the long term, furniture also has to be fitted and placed in a variety of locations and […]

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Basics of Retail Jewellery Display

How you display your jewels can decide whether or not they’ll be sold. Jewellery has been on the mind of people for ages. Valuable, precious, and breathtakingly amazing in their own right, very few jewels can actually shine in their own right. That’s where jewellery display stands come in. Well-presented jewellery can give your business […]

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Top 7 Shelving Mistakes To Avoid

Shelving is an integral part in any business – but there’s more to it than just buying something to put your wares in. From displays and storage to crowd control and inventory, good shelving can solve a lot of little problems that usually result in a lot of wasted time and effort. Here are a […]

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